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    Originally posted by Sergei Kowalski View Post
    Like the bottom left zombie a lot. Still can't believe this is actually happening.
    The look of the zombies is spot on, oh my I cannot wait to watch this!


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      Really like the look of the zombies so far.

      Don't disappointment me now


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        Didn't even know they were shooting yet!

        Had to look up the cast. The only people I recognize are Laurie Holden (because she played Cybil in Silent Hill and was in The Mist) and DeMunn.

        Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes

        Sara Wayne Callies as Lori

        Steven Yeun as Glenn

        Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh

        Laurie Holden as Andrea

        Jeffrey DeMunn as Dale (unconfirmed)


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          that is beautiful


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            Anything else horror wise this year can fuck right off. October can't come soon enough.


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              Originally posted by Drittles View Post
              Anything else horror wise this year can fuck right off. October can't come soon enough.
              +1 new guy.

              and fellow Arizonan, hollllla!


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                Originally posted by Justinmilkman View Post

                and fellow Arizonan, hollllla!
                Right back at ya.

                By the way, I also love Brain Damage.


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                  I read somewhere that Darabont is shooting the series in Super 16mm Film Stock, to give it a real Classic Zombie Movie feel.

                  Everything about this show keeps getting better...


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                    Check out the sizzle reel before it's taken down!


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                      Damn thanks for posting that Ferg!

                      This show looks so fucking great, October couldn't come sooner.


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                        high quality trailer -

                        i'm sick of zombies and this still looks great.


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                          November 1st is when it starts here (apparently). Cannot wait. But I've got to confess, as the days go by I get more and more skeptical of Andrew Lincoln as Rick. His first line in that trailer seems to be delivered...well, awfully.


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                            Yeah, well that was excellent. A grand opening for the series. Clocking in at 67 minutes, it's a nice and long establishing episode with a great lead performance from Andrew Lincoln and Morgan James (if that's his name). Also, anyone wondering whether or not AMC would actually let them away with the violence? Apparently they're really fucking cool with it. There are numerous head shots, gut-chomping and all round good times.

                            Also, Bear McCreary's score is so fucking suitable. It all just clicks. AMC really are the leaders in Television right now.

                            EDIT: I should probably mention there is one particular scene where Rick shoots a zombie and the CGI effect used for it is pretty fucking weak. It's a bit like that 300 style 'comic-book' blood. But aside from that, it's great.
                            Last edited by Ferg; 10-20-2010, 04:13 PM.


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                              Where the hell did you see this already? Special screening, or did it leak on the net? Regardless, I'm waiting until Halloween when it airs here, really looking forward to it. Gonna re-read some of the first GN's to get pumped.

                              EDIT: Never mind, just noticed the ShoutBox