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  • So far for Oct

    Curse of the Blue Lights - haha i couldn't hear half the dialogue.
    Kiss of the Tarantula - Nothing really special.
    Primal Rage - now this was pretty fun for the most part. Bo Svenson has some pretty decent screen time in this as well.
    Night of the Werewolf - Amen.


    • The Monster Squad


      • Originally posted by Disturbed Dan View Post
        So far for Oct

        Curse of the Blue Lights - haha i couldn't hear half the dialogue.
        Kiss of the Tarantula - Nothing really special.
        Primal Rage - now this was pretty fun for the most part. Bo Svenson has some pretty decent screen time in this as well.
        Night of the Werewolf - Amen.

        Originally posted by NoOne View Post
        The Monster Squad
        You two need to check out the Halloween Horror Marathon thread! Even if you just add a score I'll track them all.


        • Originally posted by Nos View Post
          You two need to check out the Halloween Horror Marathon thread! Even if you just add a score I'll track them all.

          Ah... i wasn't sure if just full reviews were going there. Even though I have posted just tidbits in the past :P


          • Gravity - 5/5. I've still got chills a few hours later. Not only is this a modern day masterpiece, but it's the second film I'd give that honor to from Alfonso Cuarón (Children of Men). A phenomenal film in every single aspect - acting, sound, dialogue, visuals, pacing and a beyond gorgeous score. It's as terrifying as it is beautiful. I can not wait to see this again!


            • I Spit on Your Grave (2010)
              Hatchet III


              • The Counselor - 4/5. Reading the scathing reviews for this one is quite entertaining. But thank you, Mr. Scott, for giving me a thriller in this period of film making that has actual substance to it. The dialogue is sharp and poetic, the camerawork and setting makes the film all the more surreal, and the characters are all actually interesting, with a spot-on performance from Diaz (I'm as shocked to say this as you are). Oh, and the last 25 minutes or so are insane, becoming one of the darkest tragedies I've seen in a wide released film with big-name actors and featuring one of the most jaw-dropping deaths I've seen from a film like this.

                Curse of Chucky - 2/5. It was just kinda....boring. Had a DTV feel all over it from beginning-to-end. Completely failed to match the creativity of the first two in the series, and lacked the black humor of Bride and Seed.

                A Tale of Two Sisters - 4.5/5
                The Hills Have Eyes (2006) - 3.5/5
                Black Swan - 5/5

                And for my Global Horror Films class:

                Deep Red - 5/5
                Night of the Living Dead - 4/5
                Psycho - 4/5
                The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - 5/5


                • FANTASTIC FEST 2013

                  - 4/5. Yet another incredibly fun and equally funny from Stephen Chow. The CGI is a bit overbearingly noticeable at times, but the well choreographed action sequences and genuinely funny humor makes up for the effects shortcomings. Plus, the film goes in a completely unexpected and bittersweet direction for the final moments that melds wonderfully with its gleefully goofy tone for the first several acts. I'll be waiting and hoping for this one to get the sequel treatment.

                  WHY DON'T YOU PLAY IN HELL - 5/5. Oh boy, Sion Sono manages to thoroughly satisfy my cravings with ever film he makes. Not only does this film have one of the most bat-shit crazy action sequences I've ever seen (though with a surprising amount of CGI blood, which actually didn't bother me too much), but it's done in a way I have never seen before. The integration of film-making within the film is pulled off very well, offering up a ton of neat techniques in both narrative and camerawork right up until the final seconds with an ending that made me smile from ear-to-ear. On top of it all is some of the most absolutely hilarious moments I have ever seen in a film, all of which is in large thanks to an all-star cast. This movie made me cry from laughing, and from the sound of the theater, everyone else was in the same boat. Overall, outside of the minor complaint of CGI, I really can't come up with a complaint. I didn't want the film to end, and that's the best compliment I can give any movie.
                  For my classes...

                  DARK CITY - 5/5
                  UP IN THE AIR - 4/5
                  RINGU - 4/5
                  REAR WINDOW - 4.5/5
                  THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT - 4/5
                  MAN BITES DOG - 4.5/5

                  And everything else...

                  PRISONERS - 5/5
                  THOR: THE DARK WORLD - 4/5
                  REQUIEM FOR A DREAM - 5/5
                  MANIAC [2012] - 2/5
                  TEDDY BEAR - 3.5/5
                  FRANCES HA - 4.5/5


                  • Rapture-Palooza


                    • 11/11: The World's End (Wright, 2013) ***
                      11/21: Pacific Rim (del Toro, 2013) ***1/2
                      11/22: Elysium (Blomkamp, 2013) ***
                      11/22: World War Z (Forster, 2013) *1/2

                      Checked these out recently, The World's End was quite funny and actually had some surprising depth, I loved Pacific Rim, impressive visuals, fun action and story. Charlie Day may have been the standout, his character was the one I couldn't quite peg, his side story/mission was one of the more interesting aspects and his scenes with Ron Perlman were awesome. I thought del Toro's direction was admirable, a very worthy entry into the giant monster genre. I'd be interested in a sequel. Elysium was also pretty impressive, I enjoyed it thoroughly and even think if it were given more time it could have been that much better. I loved the visual contrast between Elysium and Earth, their allegorical connection, Matt Damon and Jodie Foster were good, Blomkamp's direction solid. I haven't seen District 9 yet but look forward to it. World War Z was pretty awful. Script was weak, it wasn't interesting or engaging, Brad Pitt did what he could with the material. The one aspect that was interesting, I guess, was what was used as a bookend. Maybe they're anticipating a sequel, as is though it was pretty weak.


                      • Early screening of...

                        THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY - 4/5

                        Tonight I had the pleasure of seeing an advanced screening of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, introduced by and followed by a Q&A from Patton Oswalt. Besides the fact that my love for Oswalt has increased tenfold, I walked out of the theater unsure of which I'm more baffled by: the incredibly lukewarm response to the film thus far, or my surprisingly great amount of enjoyment and thought I got outta the film.

                        Ever since seeing Tropic Thunder and more recently Greenberg back in 2010, I've come to appreciate Ben Stiller as a filmmaker and actor in a new way. Sure, I'm admittedly a fan of his earlier screwball flicks (i.e. Zoolander), but similar to my admiration of Jim Carey with the release Eternal Sunshine, I've begun to see Stiller in a much more positive direction. Which brings us to earlier this year, when the first trailer for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was unveiled. To be entirely honest, I quickly dismissed this as drivel. From the folk song played over the trailer to the off-beat direction, I dubbed it nothing more than Oscar bait. But I was wrong.

                        Finally seeing the film, I don't have much to complain about this movie. The ending can be a tad bit confusing due to a large detail that could potentially be seen as a plot hole, and there are a few moments that fall back onto Stiller's childish humor, especially one gag involving a miscommunication with finger pointing that goes on for far too long. But that's nitpicking in an otherwise beautiful, often funny, and emotionally impactful film. The on-location sights are absolutely gorgeous and offer some thrilling moments that put even Summer action flicks to shame. Shots of Greenland and Iceland are beautiful, and made me yearn for the adventure that Walter much deserved.

                        Perhaps the most surprising aspect of Walter Mitty is the lack of any overly-sentimental film. As it progressed, I waited for some cliched message to be forced upon the audience, but it never comes. Instead we are given incredibly intelligent and unexpectedly philosophical moments that are even more-so relevant to today's day and age. From details such as the end of a magazine called Life to a beautifully bit on the beauty of Snow Leopards, the film is able to pack a powerful punch.

                        Overall, despite a questionable ending (albeit beautiful nonetheless) and a few humorless gags, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is an engaging and hopeful film. While some will never move past the name of Ben Stiller to give it the chance it deserves, I hope audiences will walk away with an appreciation for not only the film, but life itself.

                        In theaters...

                        AKIRA - 5/5.
                        OLDBOY [2013] - 3.5/5

                        For my classes...

                        SCREAM - 3/5
                        TUCKER AND DALE VS EVIL - 3.5/5
                        EVEN THE RAIN - 3.5/5

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                        • Here's some of the stuff I've checked out recently.

                          04/05: Rabid (Cronenberg, 1977) ***
                          04/05: Shivers (Cronenberg, 1975) ***
                          04/12: Camera (Cronenberg, 2000) **1/2
                          04/12: The Brood (Cronenberg, 1979) ***1/2
                          04/12: Scanners (Cronenberg, 1981) ***1/2
                          04/14: Friday (Gray, 1995) ***
                          04/15: Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (Barclay, 1996) **1/2
                          04/15: Pootie Tang (C.K., 2001) ***
                          04/15: How High (Dylan, 2001) **1/2

                          Loving this Cronenberg Fest, going to see a double bill of The Fly & Dead Ringers soon! Two of my favorite titles by Cronenberg. Those last couple movies are pretty smoked out.