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  • Im officially frightened!

    My Presidents black

    Comments or thoughts?
    Last edited by Mr_Cynical; 01-26-2009, 12:11 PM.

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    Young Jeezy: I'm Speechless...

    Me too Jeezy, me too.


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        ...And why are you frightened, exactly?

        I saw nothing wrong with that vid; just a bunch of rappers who are proud to be living in a time where they can see the first black leader of their country take the throne that so many old, corrupt white-haired men have preserved said sovereignty for over 200 years.

        They're proud, they're happy, they're overjoyed. What's wrong with that? I sure as fuck don't find anything frightening about it. Sorry if anyone finds that naive of me.


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          Yeah you must live in a northen part of Florida where the african community does not act like they escaped from the brooklyn zoo! Personally I think that it will only get worse from here on out as far as racial tensions are concerned. The african community has hated white people for years lol I dont know where you have been,? All that 250 years of captivity bullshit and we want repirations shit that I heard on a daily basis in while attending school made me sick, so do forgive me if I dont see the greatness in the video. Its not so much that the video frightens me, its the start up to what lies ahead that really frightens me.

          Edit: After reading my comment again I seem like im a racist but thats not the case. I was just stating that if they could walk around with that type of attitude before then now that the president is black they have even more of a boost on there shoulder to act out.
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            Nothing wrong with any African Americans being proud but Young Jeezy is a jackass. Also, Jeezy is an awful rapper.


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              Make they businesses successful while it's exploitin us
              Knowhatimsayin? And they aint teachin us nothin related to
              Solvin our own problems, knowhatimsayin?
              Aint teachin us how to get crack out the ghetto
              They aint teachin us how to stop the police from murdering us
              And brutalizing us, they aint teachin us how to get our rent paid
              Knowhatimsayin? They aint teachin our families how to interact
              Better with each other, knowhatimsayin? They just teachin us
              How to build they shit up, knowhatimsayin? That's why my niggas
              Got a problem with this shit, that's why niggas be droppin out that
              Shit cuz it don't relate, you go to school the fuckin police
              Searchin you you walkin in your shit like this a military compound
              Knowhatimsayin? So school don't even relate to us
              Until we have some shit where we control the fuckin school system
              Where we reflect how we gon solve our own problems
              Them niggas aint gon relate to school, shit that just how it is
              Knowhatimsayin? And I love education, knowhatimsayin?
              But if education aint elevatin me, then you knowhatimsayin it aint
              Takin me where I need to go on some bullshit, then fuck education