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Re: Film Tracker: Discussion

Post by fatesdesigner » Tue Jul 28, 2015 8:19 pm

As someone who personally loves It Follows, I definitely see why anyone would be less favorable towards it. One of my roommates loathed the movie for similar reasons as you stated. But having just seen it again a few days ago, I'm still infatuated with the film. There's something about the emptiness of the characters and setting that I'm attracted to, sort of the same way I love Bret Easton Ellis. It's all very coldly written, almost to a fault. But unlike the mostly unlikable characters he writes about in his books, I find the characters in It Follows to just be normal, believable kids. Is it scary? Not really. But it certainly, at least to me, is eerie throughout. Plus, throw in some lush cinematography and a stellar soundtrack from Disaterpeace, and I do think it is a great success for independent horror.

As for some recent watches (well, recent as in what I can remember since last posting)...

Avengers: Age of Ultron (Whedon, 2015) - 3.5/5
Ex Machina (Garland, 2015) - 4.5/5
Mad Max (Miller, 2015) - 5/5
Jurassic World (Trevorrow, 2015) - 3/5
Inside Out (Docter, 2015) - 4/5
009 Re:Cyborg (Kamiyama, 2012) - 3.5/5
Ant-Man (Reed, 2015) - 3.5/5
While We're Young (Baumbach, 2015) - 4/5
Date Night (Levy, 2010) - 2/5
Trainwreck (Apatow, 2015) - 3.5/5
X-Men: Days of Future Past "Rogue Cut" (Singer, 2014) - 4/5

QUICK NOTES: I found Mad Max to be one of the greatest English-language action films I've ever in years. Ant-Man and Avengers were typical fun entries in the MCU (which I'm getting worn out on). I still think Days of Future Past is a solid adaptation of the source material. Trainwreck is typical Judd Apatow comedy that I eat right up, although I did find it to be more sincere than his previous films. While We're Young yet again confirms that I am a Baumbach fanboy. And Ex Machina is a phenomenal character study.

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Re: Film Tracker: Discussion

Post by fatesdesigner » Mon Feb 29, 2016 8:49 pm

Over the past couple months at the DRAFTHOUSE (with the exception of Hateful Eight):

THE WORLD OF KANAKO [Nakashima, 2014] - 4.5/5
KRAMPUS [Dougherty, 2015] - 4/5
CLUE [Lynn, 1985] - 4/5 (Quote-Along)
SISTERS [Moore, 2015] - 2.5/5
STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS [Abrams, 2015] - 4/5
THE HATEFUL EIGHT [Tarantino, 2015] - 4/5 (70mm)
THE REVENANT [Iñárritu, 2015] - 4.5/5
SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD [Wright, 2010] - 4.5/5 (Quote-Along)
HAIL, CAESAR! [Coens, 2016] - 3/5
PRINCESS MONONOKE [Miyazaki, 1997] - 5/5
DEADPOOL [Miller, 2016] - 4/5
THE WITCH [Eggers, 2015] - 4/5

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Re: Film Tracker: Discussion

Post by Nos » Fri Mar 04, 2016 9:30 pm

Here's what I've watched this year so far...

01/18: Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (Lucas, 1999) ***
01/19: Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (Lucas, 2002) ***
01/19: Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (Lucas, 2005) ***1/2
01/27: The Revenant (Iñárritu, 2015) ****
01/27: Beverly Hills Cop (Brest, 1984) ****
01/27: Beverly Hills Cop II (Scott, 1987) ***
02/02: Groundhog Day (Ramis, 1993) ****
02/15: Room (Abrahamson, 2015) ***1/2
02/16: The Martian (Scott, 2015) ***
02/17: Straight Outta Compton (Gray, 2015) ****
02/21: Sicario (Villeneuve, 2015) ***
02/21: Trumbo (Roach, 2015) ***
02/23: Creed (Coogler, 2015) ***
02/24: Cartel Land (Heineman, 2015) ***
02/24: What Happened, Miss Simone? (Garbus, 2015) ***
02/24: Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom (Afineevsky, 2015) ***1/2
02/25: Amy (Kapadia, 2015) ***1/2
02/25: The Act of Killing (Oppenheimer, Anonymous & Cynn, 2012) ****
02/25: The Look of Silence (Oppenheimer, 2014) ***1/2
02/25: Ex Machina (Garland, 2015) ***
02/26: The Big Short (McKay, 2015) ***
02/27: Steve Jobs (Boyle, 2015) ***
02/27: Spotlight (McCarthy, 2015) **1/2
02/27: The Hateful Eight (Tarantino, 2015) ***
02/27: Bridge of Spies (Spielberg, 2015) ***

Some top notch documentaries, The Act of Killing was unreal, revolutionary. Has to be seen to be believed. The Look of Silence, its sequel and nominated for an Oscar this year, was just as worthy. Straight Outta Compton was awesome, it might have been my favorite film from last year, it's in a fight with The Revenant. Great depiction of the era, kick ass music, accurate performances, entertaining as fuck.

fatesdesigner wrote:KRAMPUS [Dougherty, 2015] - 4/5
STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS [Abrams, 2015] - 4/5
DEADPOOL [Miller, 2016] - 4/5
THE WITCH [Eggers, 2015] - 4/5

Nice, I'm glad to see you enjoyed these so much, I probably won't get to Krampus until Christmas time now though. :P I was impressed by The Witch trailer, best looking horror flick since Crimson Peak, which I still haven't seen either. Deadpool looks great despite Ryan Reynolds. :P I'm just glad there's a film finally. I still haven't seen The Force Awakens! Bonkers, I wanted to rewatch the full series beforehand, started with the prequels, I've gotta get on that quickly.
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