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Street Trash

USA | 1987
Directed by: Jim Muro
Written by: Roy Frumkes
Bill Chepil
Mike Lackey
Vic Noto
Jane Arakawa
Color / 102 Minutes / Not Rated

Street Trash poster


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Enjoy the may be your last.
A profitable discovery.
That's some strong shit!
"What the fuck are we dealing with?"
'Nam flashback.
Crotch licker.
Bronson rules on his throne of trash.
A bad case of gas.
Street Trash

  By Arto

A liquor store owner stumbles upon a case of cheap booze that is over sixty years old. He decides to sell it for a dollar a bottle; a deal that attracts the local vagrants to purchasing some. Unfortunately, taking just a slight swig of this stuff causes the person who drinks it to die a painful, nauseating, goo-and-puss-spattered death. This draws the attention of a hard-ass detective, already in the area trying to solve a murder by the hands of Bronson, the sadistic leader of a local community of hobos residing in a near junkyard.

Now this must be what they call "Hobosploitation", if they ever did have a name for it to begin with. Street Trash is one revolting gross-out of a movie and is relentless in its darkly comic yet harsh depiction of derelict lifestyle as well as showing an orgy of goo and guts. Some would probably call it: "The Best Movie Troma Never Made". They certainly couldn't have come up with a better title for it, because it has to be one of the trashiest films I've ever come across. These just have to be some of the most disgusting hobos I've ever seen in a movie.

The story ended up being more of an exploitation-esque analysis of the rough and (ridiculously) tough life of inner-city vagrants. The first ten minutes show one drifting along as he steals and runs from the people he rips-off. It pretty much sets the tone of the film. The movie's main group of hobos live in a community based in a junkyard where their homicidal leader, Bronson rules with a reckless iron fist.

The death effects in this film are some of the most ridiculously disgusting scenes depicted in a feature film. Just from taking one small sip of this liquor, called Tenafly Viper, a person will quickly turn into a revolting, melting mass of multicolored, acid-like slime. One of my favorite body-melt scenes is near the end when a hobo uses the fatal booze as revenge against a fellow bum. It is certainly one of the most graphic sequences in the movie.

The literal meltdowns aren't the only disgusting part, however. It seems like a gross-out scene was inserted every few minutes throughout. There's penis-amputation, necrophilia, an exploding fat hobo, a guy purposely puking all over a guy he just knocked out, Bronson pissing on a guy he just killed, extreme penis-zipper contact, a pair of breasts full of oozing puss, Bronson sharpening a knife out of a human bone, a dog licking a repulsive fat guy's crotch and one of the most disgusting head decapitations I have ever seen, amongst many other distasteful scenes. Did I mention that Bronson sharpens a knife out of human bone? Yeah, that was probably my favorite scene in the whole movie.

As fun and revolting as Street Trash is, the movie still is far from being a gem. I didn't really find much of it fairly desirable in its lasting appeal. The only character I enjoyed was the villain, Bronson, as well as his graphic Vietnam flashbacks. He is a murderous, derelict psychopath who was once an assassin during the war. Bronson is a sick, twisted and overall unstable bully who uses fear and intimidation to rule over the homeless in the junkyard and no hobo dares to mess with him. I mean the guy carves fucking knives out of human bones! That's probably one of the most ridiculously badass things I've ever seen in a movie.

The dialogue is laughably bad. The subplot involving the Mafioso hotel owner was completely unnecessary. Also, the majority of scenes with the cop who gets ridiculously pissed off felt rather tedious. The story overall is pretty lame, but manages to be saved by not taking itself seriously at all. While I found both main plots, one involving the effects of the Tenafly Viper, and the other being the homicidal rampage of Bronson, to both be entertaining, I still felt that the attempt at the combining of the two to make one story just simply did not work.

If I was a real tight ass, I could tear this film apart pretty bad. Thankfully, I have an open-mind and enjoy the occasional bad movie. So I'll go ahead and let that be known to the oblivious: Street Trash is a bad horror movie from the 80's. That statement alone will attract the audience that it is meant for.

In the end, the movie was a disgustingly fun watch. Even though I don't find it anywhere near as enjoyable and memorable as other camp-trash classics like Basket Case and Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, I still highly recommend it to fans of horror and the likes of Troma and Grindhouse movies. If you're looking for something that is ridiculous, unusual and gross as hell, then Street Trash may be just what you're looking for.

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