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A Decade of Horrors: 2000-2009

"While most horror fans that grew up in the 80's consider this decade a disasterous one for the genre, we here at Infini-Tropolis don’t chalk the 00’s up as a total failure.”

By: The Infini Staff

A Short History of the Spaghetti Western

" 'This short cigar belongs to a man with no name. This long gun belongs to a man with no name. This poncho belongs to a man with no name. He's going to trigger a whole new style in adventure.' And with that the Spaghetti Western was born. ”

By: Sergei Kowalski

Ayumu Oda Interview

"While Pinky Violence has cracked into the US conscious over the past few years, the genre in which it was born out of, Pink Eiga, is one that has remained relatively hidden and misunderstood by the masses. ”

By: KamuiX

Bey Logan Interview

"In 2006 Logan was hired on as Vice President of Asian Acquisitions & Co-Productions at The Weinstein Company, where he now oversees the Dragon Dynasty sub label.”

By: Nakadai

DC Comics: The New 52

"A critical look at all 52 first issues of DC's relaunch event through the eyes of a 20+ year fan.”

By: KamuiX

Evil Dead: The Musical

"One of the most imaginative and revered underground films of all time has been made into a stage musical. A musical for shit’s sake! ”

By: rm237

Halloween Essentials: 2008

"It's just about that time of year again, where any self respecting horror fan feels like vegetating on the couch and revisiting some of their favorite horror classics.”

By: The Infini Staff

Halloween Essentials: 2009

"There's no better time to indulge in hours upon hours of horror films, and the staff and citizens of Infini-Tropolis would like to help out in making the toughest of decisions: which ones to watch!”

By: The Infini Staff

Halloween Essentials: 2010

"The Halloween Top 10 list tradition continues, this time with more lists than ever before! Pop up some popcorn and get drunk on candy corn; there's a lot of films you need to watch this year!”

By: The Infini Staff

Hokuto no Ken: "You're already dead"

"In what amounted to a matter of seconds, under a guise seemingly equivalent to that of brushing against a door knob, you’ve effectively met the end of your existence.”

By: Nakadai

Lone Wolf & Cub: Manga

"As much as i've always enjoyed the Lone Wolf series, it actually wasn't until recently that I had the opportunity to read through the Manga in it's entirety, the original source material for the films and central focus of this feature...”

By: Nakadai

The Walking Dead: Season One

"An episodic look at the first season of AMC's adaptation of Robert Kirkman's classic comic series.”

By: Ferg

The World of Pinky Violence An Intro

"Pinky Violence is all about women kicking ass in every way imaginable; whether they’ve been wronged and are looking for revenge or just part of a bad ass gang of chicks looking to keep a hold on their turf, the films are all about showing how deadly a woman can truly be.”

By: KamuiX


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