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November 23rd, 2014

We have a new forum! Check it out citizens, we want to hear what you think, just in time for the holiday season. - Nos

April 23rd, 2013

Infini-Tropolis Presents: A Week With Hitchcock! Arto will be taking a look at five select films from the Master of Suspense this week. Insightful and entertaining reads, a new review will be available every day so check in often. We kick things off with one of Hitchcock's more underrated films Rope! Check out Arto's review HERE and don't forget to check out the forums for further discussion on Rope and the rest of the Week With Hitchcock titles throughout the week. - Nos

December 03rd, 2012

After stuffing ourselves with tons of food over Thanksgiving and suffering for it the week after, we're back with the weekly film release list after a short hiatus! This week you can check out some new Godzilla blu-ray goodness, a ton of anime releases, including the classic Ninja Scroll debuting on blu-ray, and some film called The Dark Knight Rises. It's supposed to be a big deal or something. Check out what else you can add to your cart this week HERE. - KamuiX & Obscureness

November 13th, 2012

Sort of light this week when it comes to "big" stuff, but there's still some good stuff hitting the streets, including a Film Noir blu-ray set from Olive Films, three releases from Synapse/Impulse, Lost Girl season 2, Hellsing Ultimate Vols. 5-8 as well as the original series getting re-released, some Criterion goodies, and a little indie film from Screaming in High Heels director Jason Paul Collum called 5 Dark Souls, which is getting a 15th anniversary release and was re-edited by our own Mr. Bishop, aka Derrick Carey, specifically for this release! See what else you can blow some cash on this week HERE. - KamuiX & Obscureness

November 06th, 2012

So we survived a hurricane, Halloween, and we're almost through a presidential election, and we're back with some new releases! Time to reward yourself for voting with some good films, like They Live on blu-ray, The Amazing Spider-Man and the third REC film, Genesis. See what else is on tap for this week (and what we missed last week) HERE. - KamuiX & Obscureness

October 23rd, 2012

Not a heck of a lot of exciting stuff hitting this week, which means you should have more than enough money to pick up the new Puppet Master flick, which I'm sure will be a blast. Also this week, president's slay vampires, the road crews still haven't fixed that damn wrong turn in the road, a lost girl is found on blu-ray, and a few other things that you can check out HERE. - KamuiX & Obscureness

October 16th, 2012

More sought-after horror hits the scene this week, including Terror Train and The Funhouse on blu-ray from Shout! Factory, the enigma that is Jess Franco hits blu courtesy of Redemption, a remastered release of Don't Answer the Phone and film festival darling Excision. Plan this week's Halloween picks HERE. - KamuiX & Obscureness

October 08th, 2012

As we inch closer to Halloween, you can bide your time this week with Prometheus, Basket Case 3 (finally!!), a handful of solid anime complete collections like Deadman Wonderland and Occult Academy, some classic Hitchcock hitting blu-ray for the first time, and more! See the full run-down HERE. - KamuiX & Obscureness

October 02nd, 2012

The first release day of every horror fan's favorite month has arrived, and a doozy leads off the charge: the Universal Classic Monsters Essential Collection on blu-ray! Would we have prefered the Legacy sets on blu-ray? Sure, but this is a nice first step that hopefully leads to that. Some other good stuff hitting the streets this week too, and you can see it all, in addition to last week's releases that I missed posting due to being an ass again, HERE. - KamuiX & Obscureness

September 19th, 2012

It's been a crappy week and a half for me, as I've been battling some migraine headaches, so sorry for the missed week last week and the delay this week, but hopefully you kept informed on the releases and have been too busy watching all of the new awesomeness that's hit sheleves to even notice. If not though, take a look at this and last week's bounty HERE. - KamuiX & Obscureness

September 03rd, 2012

While some good stuff like Fritz Lang's Secret Beyond the Door and the original Mother's Day (finally!) are hitting blu-ray, the real star this week is Jason Paul Collum's documentary Screaming in High Heels. Why does this deserve your attention? Well, in addition to it being pretty damn good, our own Mr. Bishop (Derrick Carey) worked on the film, and if you enjoyed Swamphead (which streamed exclusively online here last Halloween; if you missed it, you missed a film epic like no other!), open your wallets and support the release! Enough shameless promotion though, see what else you can add to your Amazon cart this week HERE. - KamuiX & Obscureness


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